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Magmo's most recent obese bodies of work titled "MAGMO, VOIDS" are part of an extensive personal exploration, questioning human nature and the origin of "want". Early Magmo works confronted both common and emerging social concerns (greed, genetically modified organism, death ray, cloning, etc.) and were intended to raise awareness and inspire viewers to take action and "destroy" such problems. The Void series take a deeper and darker look into the core of the individual. Instead of seeking solutions to the many concerns we have, such as Madoff, Bailouts, or Oil; the unconscious feelings of desire are explored and visualized through graphite, charcoal, and pastel drawings. The primordial impulses that motivate each of us to want the new car, more money, a bigger house, more power, more control, are thus given tangible forms. Spawned from our shared appetites of vanity and ego the Voids are born.

The focus of the Voids series is specifically on the "I want" trait that all human beings appear to have. It is not particularly important what the VOIDS desire; power, war, clothes, online friends, yoga, violence, pills, knowledge, lies, faith, or food. Instead, the emphasis is on visualizing the uncontrollable, often unconscious, emotional and mental impulses of the"want". These Voids live at the core of human nature. Magmo envisions human beings overwhelmed by desires as empty creatures who intrinsically fill their voids with what they want, with what they think they want, with what they need, and with what they think they need to define their self, ego, and existence. Grotesque in appearance the Voids depict a surreal look of the chaos, vulgarity, and urge inside us all. Using graphite, charcoal, and his fingers, these primitive yet contemporary over sized drawings present abstracted figures in ambiguous moments, unsure of why they want, why they need, and why they must fill their Voids.

Do our voids motivate us for the better or for the worst and will our own desires help or destroy ourselves and our world? Does it even matter in the end? Is pollution the next oil tanker spill, is greed the next corporate bailout? Or do the origins of such social issues lie in the voids of human beings? Will your Voids destroy them, us, or you?

About the artist
Magmo had began in 2001 as a personal way in dealing with the world around him. Magmo Illustrated his characters in short stories that focused on a variety of topics that had been effecting his neighborhood; urban sprawl, big business, and pollution. Such social concerns influenced digital illustrations and short narratives; Earth is Sick, Save Ocean, In America..., Puppy Mill Warriors, and Magmo Destroy Zines. Magmo combines his unique illustration style of both digital and traditional mediums with original characters and stories to create a collage of artwork that tells cautionary tales about everything from deadly trans-fatty monsters and gas-guzzling families, to radioactive octopuses and evil war spirits. Simply, Magmo likes to destroy the bad things in life that try to destroy us.

Throughout his career Magmo has continuously explored new media and forms of expression, never becoming enslaved by a personal style, public expectations, or popularity, including; posters, t-shirts, stickers, fine art prints, toys, zines, skateboards, posters, drawings, paintings, in both digital and traditional media. The concept of Magmo has always transformed and evolved, reflecting his ever changing views of society and the environment in which he lives. Magmo the Destroyer has been included in numerous national and international exhibits and publications

  2001 — present day

If you are interested in purchasing any of my illustrations: all works are available and printed as fine art prints. Please email Magmo with any questions that you may have.

If you have a creative project and are interested in working together, don't hesitate to contact Magmo. Magmo has had the pleasure to work with many talented people who are passionate and dedicated to their ideas. Magmo's work has been published in a variety of national and international magazines, books, and has been involved in a range of creative projects.

If you are a teacher, high school or college student and have questions about my artwork or would like to have Magmo visit your school, send any questions or requests via email. Magmo enjoys helping the youth destroy.

Magmo would like to thank all of you for your interest and support.

Magmo is here to help. Magmo is here to destroy.